Information Fact Sheet

Q. How does BioScrubTM work? A. Our BioScrubTM methodologies use proprietary Probiotic solutions that are all-natural, environmentally friendly and 100% safe. These are used in combination with our state-of-the art application processes, which our BioScrubTM Experts will work with your business to determine which application process or processes are best suited for your specific business needs. These applications …

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Stop The Spread of Contamination: The BioScrub Solution

The BioScrubTM/MC Restoration and Deep Cleaning Process can be utilized in all industries from: Grocery & Retail Hospitals Industrial and Manufacturing Educational Facilities Hospitality, Tourism Airports Office buildings Entertainment Facilities Restaurants Call Us: 1-855-634-3888 Email US: With Rachelle-Bery’s commitment to our client experience and bringing a new wind to the way Quebecers take care …

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