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BioScrub Case Study - Rachelle Béry grocery store, Montreal, Quebec.

Bioteknik Environmental (Bioteknik) performed a BioScrubTM/MC Probiotic Coil Restoration on the Refrigeration Cases, Air Cooled Condenser and Walk-In Coolers Evaporators at the Rachelle Béry grocery store located in Montreal, Quebec.

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Our BioScrubTM team of experts worked with a Commercial Office Tower that had developed issues with their sixteen (16) Air Handling Units. Biofilm was building up on the coils within the equipment, ultimately causing the Units to use more energy to try and achieve sufficient water flow through the cooling pumps. This resulted in increased heat, lower than normal flow, increased spend on the building’s energy bill and strain of the Units to try and meet the demand of the building.

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Enhanced Measurement & Verification and Performance Restoration – Large Data Centre
Looking to investigate the benefits of using our BioScrubTM Coil Restoration Process, this particular Facility was looking to reduce their current energy consumption and take hold of some energy and cost savings while restoring the performance of their current cooling equipment.

Heat Exchanger Restoration (M&V): DENSO Manufacturing Facility

Enhanced Measurement & Verification and Performance Restoration – DENSO Manufacturing Facility
Looking to restore the performance of the facilities Heat Exchanger, our BioScrubTM Team of Experts worked with this large facility to improve the overall heat transfer between the Cooling Tower Water basin and the Process Cooling Water Loop.

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