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The BioScrubTM Restoration Process is an innovative, organically based, and environmentally friendly service for Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Ventilation equipment of all types.

By using our licensed Probiotic and high pressure Supersaturated Steam technology, we restore system performance improving operational and energy efficiency. Our trained and certified BioScrubTM technicians will ensure a professional and high quality experience with proven results.

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BioscrubTM provides Innovative, and organically based service that provides a deep, restorative cleaning for all types of Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Ventilation equipment. Click below, to take a look at our services


Establishing and maintaining solid relationships and partnerships is top priority to us. We are fully committed to providing all our clients with innovative products and services that they can trust. Listening and identifying business pain points for all our clients is crucial. We take great pleasure in satisfaction, efficiency and our long term foundation of client and partner relationships!

Here is what our clients are saying about the BioScrubTM Experience:

Renteknik Group Inc. has been DENSO Manufacturing’s Energy Efficiency Consultant for the last six years. During this time, they have used their knowledge and expertise to identify energy and operational efficiency opportunities. This has included using the BioScrubTM process to restore our Cooling Towers back to nearly new condition. By having Renteknik include measurement and verification, we have been able to see the operational and energy savings that have made the project a success. We will continue to use BioScrubTM as part our service and maintenance on our Towers going forward.

Philip Evans

Plant Engineering Manager, DENSO Manufacturing Guelph, ON. 

With Rachelle-Bery’s commitment to our client experience and bringing a new wind to the way Quebecers take care of their health, we had the BioScrubTM Process applied to our retail refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers to ensure proper operation and product integrity. BioScrubTM is the only solution that fits our Eco-responsible values by being organic, natural and bio by conviction. I also appreciated the customer service and professionalism provided by the BioScrubTM team in delivering a successful project to my complete satisfaction.

Christine Barcelo,
Rachelle-Bery Beaubien

Grocery Store, Montreal, QC.


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COVID-19: Supporting Businesses and Communities in Canada

“With a global challenge like the current COVID-19 pandemic it has become increasingly clear how vital it is for Bioteknik to expand our BioScrubTM services to help support our local community and businesses. As leaders in the Energy Consulting, Environmental and Engineering industry, we knew we had to develop new solutions that would provide businesses with a way to help protect not only their business, but their customers and employees. I am proud to say we have succeeded in developing innovative deep cleaning services that are like no other. Our Bioteknik teams have been out day and night providing businesses that are still operating as essential services with our BioScrubTM solutions.  We are also actively supporting businesses who are preparing to reopen as the COVID-19 restrictions ease. On behalf of the Bioteknik team we wish everyone the very best during these uncertain times.  Together we are creating cleaner and healthier living and working environments in a 100% safe and natural way.”

Darren A. Cooper, P.Eng., President, Bioteknik Environmental Inc.