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Q. How does BioScrubTM work?

A. Our BioScrubTM methodologies use proprietary Probiotic solutions that are all-natural, environmentally friendly and 100% safe.

These are used in combination with our state-of-the art application processes, which our BioScrubTM Experts will work with your business to determine which application process or processes are best suited for your specific business needs. These applications include Deep Cleaning using: Foaming, Fogging, Misting and our supersaturated high-pressure steam technology.

Most conventional cleaning techniques are focused on wiping out everything and trying to kill, both the good and bad bacteria.  Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach and actually does more harm than good, ultimately leaving an open breeding ground for harmful pathogens to regroup, multiply and spread even quicker.

Highlight feature or callout: Microbiology 101 shows that any pathogen survivors are resourceful and will adapt, mutate, replicate rapidly and become even more resistant.  Probiotics are strategic and produce biosurfactants that breakdown the protective shield that houses and protects pathogens (“Biofilm”). Probiotic cleaning works on the principle of competitive exclusion, moving across surfaces to overpopulate, out consume available nutrients and starve out their pathogenic competitors.

As is true in all forms of nature, nothing can survive starvation.  Unlike conventional cleaning, probiotics can also inhibit recolonization by their competitors by providing longer periods of cleanliness.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) has noted that Biofilms account “for over 80 percent of microbial infections in the body”. 

Q. Is the probiotic safe? 
A. Yes.

  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly.
  • It is completely human and pet friendly
  • 100% natural and non-GMO food grade safe.
  • No negative effects to the human body or respiratory systems.

Chemical products may be on the top of everyone’s mind for choosing cleaners and disinfectants but the thing that is not top of mind is the human health and environmental harm they can potentially cause.  They have the potential of contributing to poor indoor air quality, can cause respiratory issues, eye and skin irritation and even serious health effects such as cancer. BioScrubTM is a service offering that not only outperforms standard multipurpose cleaners, it also uses an all-natural, biodegradable probiotic with all-natural ingredients that is safe for application on any surface and in any environment.

“People eat probiotic yogurt which is 100% natural and safe and can promote health gut flora.  What we ultimately want to do is to use this concept to promote a healthy group of microorganisms inside (buildings).” Jessica Green Ph.D. University of Oregon TED Talk – August 4, 2011

Q. How long does the probiotic last? 
A. Regardless of the application, the probiotic will continue to work for an extended period of time. The goal of the probiotic microbes is to stay alive as long as possible to maintain a healthy and stable environment. Results have found that the probiotic is most effective up to three (3) days, depending on the surface and amount of environmental traffic. Following the three (3) day period the efficacy remains in place, however, begins to slowly decrease, diminishing the protection on surfaces to which it was initially applied to. For continued protection and cleanliness, a BioScrubTM deep cleaning schedule can be discussed and put in place to ensure regimented and scheduled cleaning for proper ongoing protection.

Call Out: Our BioScrubTM Experts will work with you to understand your businesses specific deep cleaning requirements to help ensure your employees and customers are protected.

A study conducted in 2016 by Princeton Consumer Research Corp.1 compared a probiotic cleaning solution to a standard multipurpose cleaner (Lysol) based on ability to reduce the amount of bacteria present on surfaces.  The objective of the study was to test the long-lasting efficacy of each. 

Results on the surfaces treated in the clinical laboratory had a longer lasting effect of up to five (5) days vs. standard multipurpose cleaners, which only achieved a reduction in contamination up to 5 hours after treatment applications.

STUDY SOURCE: Please contacts us for full report details.

Q. I have always been told it is more effective to use chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Why should I use BioScrubTM Deep Cleaning probiotics?

The Facts

Chemical Based

Cleaners & Disinfectants

BioScrub Probiotic

Cleaning Solutions

Breaksdown Biofilm that house and protect pathogensx
Reduces Pathogen Mutation, Spread Riskx
Provides Deep Cleaningx
Ongoing Surface Cleaningx
Ongoing Surface Protectionsx
Promotes Healthy Environmentx
100% Environmental & Human Safex
Cumulative, Ongoing Benefitsx

Infectious disease experts and researchers caution that all disinfectants have specific dwell times (the amount of time they’re required to remain on a surface) that must be met in order for the germs to be killed at the 99.9% level. These “Kill” claims of up to 99.9% are also based on laboratory testing protocols that are conducted in the absence of biofilm which these disinfectants cannot penetrate.

Let’s Do the Math:

Even the most effective disinfectant with a 99.9999% “Kill Rate” leaves just 1 (one) pathogen

But what happens to the 0.0001% that survive??

Assume 1 million pathogens on a surface cleaned with a disinfectant
Assume a 30 minute pathogen replication rate
1 pathogen will remain
Under ideal conditions the 1 surviving pathogen can replicate to 2 million in just 24 hours.

Q. Does BioScrubTM harm fruits, vegetables, plants and produce?
A. No, on the contrary, it helps support growth and is non-GMO food grade safe!

The presence of the BioScrubTM probiotic microbes discourages mould, fungus and harmful bacteria from taking root and encourages growth and sustainability of produce, plants and other foods through a natural selection process. In the same way that probiotics are consumed, they work hard to eliminate the harmful effects of the toxins we put into our bodies every day. The BioScrubTM applications use probiotics that will not harm and in fact benefit the overall growth and well-being of fruits, vegetables, plants, meats and other foods.

Q. Does BioScrubTM Kill COVID-19
A. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the question that is top of mind is what product or solution kills the Coronavirus. Health Canada permits ONLY indirect and “expected to be effective” and “likely to be effective” types of communications for COVID-19, and NO DIRECT CLAIMS AGAINST COVID-19 can be made for any products, as these claims are, at the present time, considered to be unsubstantiated.

Multiple studies from many credible sources (eg: Impact of a Probiotic-Based Cleaning Intervention on the Microbiota Ecosystem of the Hospital Surfaces: Focus on the Resistome Remodulation, Caselli et al, 2016) have demonstrated that implementing probiotic cleaning and sanitizing regimens have rapidly reduced Multi-Drug Resistant pathogens (MDR) such as MRSA, VRE and norovirus.