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BioScrubTM Deep Cleaning Services

Example of Applications: Shopping carts and HVAC equipment.


A regimented schedule of deep cleaning and decontamination of surfaces is the most essential and effective method to reduce the spread of harmful germs and contaminants and to help prevent disease.  Conventional cleaning just isn’t enough to rid surfaces of harmful bacteria and viruses.  Like hand washing, BioScrubTM is the best and safest way to disrupt the biofilm barrier that allows bacteria, viruses and grime to stick to surfaces.  Once the biofilm is disrupted, it will then bring it into a dissolved state, making it easier to remove and/or wash away. This process can be accomplished through our state-of-the-art supersaturated high-pressure steam technology.  Not only does this reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses but the deep cleaning results will be visibly noticeable with improved odour control.

Example of Applications: Shopping carts, golf carts, vehicle interiors, offices, medical/dental offices, warehouses and manufacturing


Our expert BioScrubTM  technicians use high quality foggers specially designed with the latest fogging technology to effectively and quickly treat everything from small areas, like the inside of vehicles, through medium sizes spaces such as commercial offices or grocery stores, up to very large spaces such as warehouse or manufacturing facilities..  The BioScrubTM Fogging process is so thorough that it reaches into every crack and crevice, penetrating and covering all areas and surfaces that daily cleaning just can’t reach.  Not only is our process custom tailored to overtake and significantly reduce the number of live pathogens, but it is also environmentally friendly, safe if ingested or inhaled and biodegradable.  Fogging provides added protection, leaving a final coating of our BioScrubTM probiotic solution on all treated surfaces and equipment that continues to actively work for several days.  This will help reduce recontamination of germs, such as bacteria and viruses, for longer periods than conventional cleaners offer, ultimately providing an ongoing, safe and high level deep clean that is essential in protecting your employees and customers alike.

Example Applications: Shopping carts, vehicle exteriors and HVAC equipment.


BioScrubTM Foaming is a very effective method for thoroughly coating surfaces during the deep cleaning process. With our proprietary probiotic application, the dwell time increases, allowing the solution to truly break down harmful biofilm.  Unlike liquid applications, foaming reduces run off to ensure that the desired cleaning effect is achieved.