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Refrigeration Cases

BioScrubTM provides improved equipment reliability and extended service life, resulting in performance restoration of grocery store refrigeration cases. Delivering noticeable operational improvements provides grocery store owners with the peace of mind that their refrigeration equipment will work more efficiently, allowing them to focus less on equipment breakdown and product loss and more on saving energy and reducing overhead costs.

Cooling Towers

BioScrubTM provides an easy and effective way to restore Cooling Towers to optimum performance

Rooftop & Air Cooled Condensers

No matter the industry, by removing Biofilm that naturally occurs on Air Cooled Condensers, BioScrubTM increases operational efficiency and results in performance restoration of the mechanical system. Our proprietary process is vastly superior to historical cleaning. We have the data to prove it!

Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units are everywhere and are essential in heating and air conditioning building spaces and maintaining occupant comfort. Extensive detailed case studies on BioScrubTM have proven that applying our licenced trademarked process has saved building owner countless dollars by not having to unnecessarily replace failing equipment. Through the restoration of previously lost equipment performance, we have been able to bring Air Handling Units up to nearly new condition that are now able to delivers heating and air-conditioning in an efficient and cost effective way. This is a win for both owners and occupants alike.

Heat Exchangers

BioScrub’s chemical free and organically derived technology provides a deep interior clean for Heat Exchangers without the risk of damage or corrosion on equipment that can result from traditional cleaning. The performance improvements and visual results seen by our Manufacturing and Commercial Clients have them convinced that BioScrubTM is the way of the future for them.

Heating & Cooling Coils

BioScrub’s trademarked probiotic and high pressure supersaturated steam technology deep cleans Heating and Cooling Coils. Bringing HVAC/R Systems to “near new” condition and improving the delivery of heating and cooling while reducing energy and overhead costs is our company goal.