How It Works - HVAC Performance Restoration; Saves Money & Helps Protect

Our BioScrubTM team of Experts will work with your business to develop a Deep Clean, Performance Restoration and Preventative Maintenance Plan that best suits your specific business and HVAC equipment needs. Our innovative, 100% safe and all-natural BioScrubTM Probiotic Solution provides HVAC equipment the deepest and safest cleaning available.

1. Traditional coil cleaning companies use harsh chemicals that are not only harmful for your building’s indoor environment and air quality, but also for the equipment itself, decreasing the longevity and performance over time.

2. By using our all-natural, 100% safe licensed Probiotic and high pressure Supersaturated Steam technology, we can restore your HVAC systems performance, improving the overall well-being and longevity of your system as well as dramatically improving the indoor air quality, helping to rid and protect from germs, bacteria and other pathogens and toxins that circulate and enter the buidling.

3. BioScrubTM attacks the organisms on a microscopic level by disrupting the biofilm.

4. Following the application of the probiotic, flushing is done utilizing our high pressure supersaturated steam methodology.

5. Reapplication of the probiotics is provided to give the equipment an extra layer of ongoing protection.

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6. The BioScrubTM Process works on the principle of competitive exclusion, where the “good” microorganisms in the probiotic out-consume the available nutrients so the “bad” microorganisms starve to death. Surfaces cleaned with probiotic based cleaning solution are overpopulated with probiotics to out-consume and starve out microbial competitors. In an effort to try and survive starvation, the “bad” microorganisms are unable to strategically mutate or replicate, making it less potent and less likely to thrive.

Your building’s HVAC system’s operational effectiveness is a very important factor in contributing to occupant comfort and maintaining a healthy and energy efficient building. Since HVAC systems are typically largest energy consumers in a building, it is important to ensure they are maintained properly using environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods to reduce energy consumption, increase the lifespan of the equipment and contribute to greenhouse gas reductions. is a very important component to comfortable, healthy and energy efficient building. Since HVAC systems are the largest energy consumers in a building, it is important to ensure that energy efficiency methods are in place to ensure reduction in energy consumption, costs and greenhouse gas emissions.