Doing Our Part Now and Going Forward

We have all come to realize that hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance to staying healthy and safe. Our newly expanded BioScrub TM services use the same proven and trusted principles of our BioScrub TM Deep Clean and Restoration Process for HVAC/R Systems. We are continuing to develop and offer new services using our chemical free and innovative processes that will support our mandate to help businesses and communities stay cleaner, healthier and safer.


Surfaces are hotspots for harmful and contagious microorganisms, such as Bacteria and Viruses, that can have a negative impact on everyone’s health. Regular deep cleaning and decontamination of these surfaces is the most essential and effective method to help combat and reduce the spread of  these harmful contaminants and to help prevent diseases such as colds, pneumonia, flu and various infections.

Most conventional cleaning technologies are focused on killing everything.  They are also found to only be effective for a short period of time. Just like pathogens are now becoming resistant to antibiotics, microbes are demonstrating more and more resistance to conventional chemical-based cleaning. This is known as the ‘decontamination paradox’.


Use a Proven Method that Makes Natural Sense! Our BioScrubTM methodologies use proprietary Probiotic solutions that are all-natural and environmentally friendly.  These are used in combination with our state-of-the art application processes which include Foaming, Fogging, Misting and Deep Cleaning, combining the use of our supersaturated high-pressure steam technology.  BioScrubTM applications can be used safely on all surfaces and in any environment.  BioScrubTM services can support all industries including:

  • Grocery & Retail
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Commercial and Office buildings
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality, Tourism
  • Airports
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Hospital