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A Restoration Process Helping Your Business Save On Energy & Money

Commercial Office Tower – Toronto, Ontario

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In 2019 Bioteknik’s BioScrub team of experts worked with a Commercial Office Tower that had developed issues with their sixteen (16) Air Handling Units. Visible findings showed that Biofilm was building up on the coils within the equipment, ultimately causing the Units to use more energy to try and achieve sufficient water flow through the cooling pumps. This resulted in increased heat, lower than normal flow substantially hindering the cooling capacity within the Office Tower, increased spend on the building’s energy bill and strain of the Units to try and meet the demand and maintain tenant and guest comfort within the building.


Our BioScrub team of Experts and Engineers have a lot of experience with AHUs and other HVAC equipment which do not have a regimented thorough cleaning restoration process as part of the building’s service and maintenance plan. These Units end up frequently with biofilm build up on coils which ultimately can result in the following issues:

  • Loss of function
  • Unnecessary repair costs to equipment
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Additional money spent on energy bills and new equipment, that was never in the budget

In the case of the Office Tower, the biofilm build-up on the equipment resulted in increased heat, causing a reduction in the cooling capacity. The pumps were set up to maintain a pressure differential between the suction and supply lines and thus over time less chilled water flow was able to reach the Units and the System was unable to cope with the demand, resulting in potential equipment failure.


The BioScrubTM Restoration Process is an innovative service and approach that can be applied to virtually any type of Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, Heat Exchangers and Ventilation equipment across any application and industry range. Our probiotic solution is all-natural and 100% safe on all surfaces. Our services go beyond traditional offerings, providing our Clients with engineering support to help with recommissioning, optimization and measurement & verification services.

Our BioScrubTM Experts were able to deep clean all the coils within the sixteen (16) Units, removing the dense layer of biofilm attached to the coils surface which acts as both a thermal insulator and flow restrictor. The cooling pumps were also re-commissioned to ensure proper flow and overall functionality.


As a result of utilizing the BioScrubTM Deep Clean & Performance Restoration Process, the coils of all sixteen (16) AHU’s were restored and deep cleaned back to near new state. The Office Tower was able to restore the comfort of the building’s interior temperature, meeting the cooling demand of the spaces as well as eliminate tenant complaints.

Chilled Water Flow usage comparison between the AHUs pre and post BioScrubTM resulted in an average 20.6% GPM reduction. 

The Annual Energy Savings, assuming 6 months of cooling operation, provided a total savings of 14,250kWh. This would potentially  facilitate an Incentive Payment calculated at $0.10/kWh for the BioScrubTMRestorative Cleaning of $1,425.00. 

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