BioScrub Case Study - Rachelle Béry grocery store, Montreal, Quebec.

Bioteknik Environmental (Bioteknik) performed a BioScrubTM/MC Probiotic Coil Restoration on the Refrigeration Cases, Air Cooled Condenser and Walk-In Coolers Evaporators at the Rachelle Béry grocery store located in Montreal, Quebec. 

In order to validate the benefits of performing the BioScrubTM/MC Restoration, Bioteknik temporarily installed a portable ClimaCheck Performance Analyzer. This data acquisition and monitoring technology allows for the identification of real-time performance of Refrigeration Systems pre and post restoration of the equipment. 

The BioScrubTM/MC Restoration Process is an innovative service and approach that can be applied to any type of Cooling, Refrigeration and Heat Exchanger Equipment.  In a typical grocery store application, as represented by Rachel Béry, the BioScrubTM/MC method is an effective and sustainable way to restore the efficient operation and performance on all of the Retail Refrigeration Systems.

Using BioScrubTM/MC EFM (Environmentally Friendly Methodology), a Proprietary Licenced Restoration Process, Bioteknik’s expert technicians applied the BioScrubTM/MC probiotic cleaning solution to the store’s Refrigeration Cases, Air Cooled Condensers, and Walk-In Coolers Evaporators.  Using state-of-the-art supersaturated steam technology, a deep clean of the cases and refrigeration system was able to restore them to near new condition and significantly improve overall equipment performance.  

3rd Party M&V evaluation of the performance improvements on the Cases and Refrigeration System.

Post- BioScrub Results:

  • Discharge Air Temperature Improvement of 54%
  • Refrigeration Cases Air Distribution Uniformity improved on avg. 45%
  • Increased consistency in cooling, ensuring enhanced produce integrity
  • Overall Power and Energy consumption savings:
  • Reduced System Power 5%
  • Improved Discharge Temperature 4%

With Rachelle-Bery’s commitment to our client experience and bringing a new wind to the way Quebecers take care of their health, we had the BioScrub Process applied to our retail refrigerated cases and walk-in coolers to ensure proper operation and product integrity. BioScrub is the only solution that fits our Eco-responsible values by being organic, natural and bio by conviction. I also appreciated the customer service and professionalism provided by the BioScrub team in delivering a successful project to my complete satisfaction.

Christine Barcelo

Rachelle-Bery Beaubien, Montreal, Canada

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